Security Solutions

Security Solutions

As digital technologies continue to advance rapidly, and cyber crime becomes ever more prevalent and sophisticated, you need to ensure your infrastructure and operations are not compromised.

Protecting IT resources and user identities is essential for every organization. Secure remote access to data, applications and networks is necessary for mobile workers. Data protection for stored, mobile and transferred files and documents is needed for loss prevention and regulatory compliance. Digital signatures that cannot be repudiated help improve efficiency and productivity. Moreover, when it comes to cybersecurity threats, no one is immune. In fact, the entire conversation has shifted from focusing on “if you’re attacked” to “how quickly you can respond.” And that’s not likely to change in the foreseeable future. The traditional security defense strategy to layer on point-product tool over another needs rethinking.

InTec System offers the only complete portfolio that provides protection of sensitive data, transactions, and identities from the core to the edge, at all critical points in its life-cycle. From the physical and virtual datacenter to the cloud, we helps organizations remain protected, compliant, and in control – no matter where their business takes them.

We provide security solutions, professional security services and managed security services, based on best-of-breed security technologies.

  • Converged ID Badge for physical and logical access (access to buildings and areas, computers, networks and printing devices)
  • Advanced user authentication using RFID card, SmartCard and Biometric data (fingerprint, face and palm recognition
  • Secure remote access (strong two-factor authentication and support for one-time password and PKI certificate)
  • Digital signature (validation of signer’s identity, integrity of information, authenticity and encryption of documents)
  • Secure access and data protection for Government, Education and Healthcare (specialized cards and/or tokens)
  • E-banking strong authentication solutions, implementing OTP and PKI technologies in banking e-payment and secure transaction portals