IT Support Services

InTec System offers a wide variety of maintenance service options to help you extend your equipment uptime. One call will bring a certified service technician to your facility fast. Using only manufacturer’s certified parts; our technicians will quickly return your equipment to original specifications and your operations to full productivity. All maintenance service contracts provide priority to customer over those without service contract coverage.

InTec System is authorized service partner of majority of its vendor partners, practicing full coverage of warranty and after warranty service support, during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 16:30), but also we extend it to 24×7 full level of support model. Moreover, our full service treatment to our customers is accompanied and includes different level of training and consulting activities.

Discover the wide-ranging benefits when purchase Service Support Services, like:

  • assure mission-critical equipment operating at optimal levels
  • minimizes business interruptions caused by equipment malfunction and breakdowns
  • lowers total cost of ownership
  • increases productivity and longer lifespan of the equipment
  • supplies a reliable basis for budgeting and planning

At InTec System we place the client and its business requirements as our service model, ensuring that we deliver comprehensive service support that exceeds client’s expectations.