InTec System doo & docuvita GmbH Co. KG announce their strategic partnership for Balkan Region

Growing demand in the Balkans for document management systems is driven by the need for optimizing business processes, digitizing content across enterprises and compliance requirements.

Skopje – 31st July 2020 – InTec System, InTec System, the leading company in Enterprise Content Management Solutions in North Macedonia and the Balkans, today announces its participation in the docuvita Partner Program. Intec System joined the Program at the Certified Application Level. InTec System strengthens its Suscriptor® line of products with docuvita DMS & Workflow Server. Companies can now say goodbye to paper. docuvita’s integration capabilities allow the customers to leverage their existing technology footprint to create a single document repository. It automates the archiving and classification of any document into an electronic file structure; and renders them accessible, searchable, and traceable on demand. This translates into cost reduction, performance optimization, and improved collaboration.

On one hand InTec System’s vast know-how in imaging, document management, business process automation and on the other hand Suscriptor® solution, guarantees automating company data collection and document driven processes. docuvita boosts InTec System’s offering with advanced automation capabilities that can adjust to the specific needs of any organization. The automation goes beyond capturing and archiving. It goes to the level of extracting structured data to feed it in third party systems. We make this high level of automation possible through the new partnership with docuvita GbmH & Co. KG, a leading German Company in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions and services.

InTec System’s solutions around document management solution contributes to faster handling of documents, improved data collection, increased control, and create paperless processes. The solution is well suited to organizations in need of raising productivity and boost collaboration. docuvita DMS will be part of InTec System’s Suscriptor® family of products, where the aim is being a comprehensive supplier of document and workflow management solution.

“We want to help our customers to gain control over their data and automate their business processes. With docuvita DMS, we see a huge potential in equipping our product line Suscriptor® with fully automating paper-driven processes and populate information in all customers’ existing applications. Now we can leverage the information included in the documents, no matter where stored. We are excited to take the next step in this development together with docuvita,” said Zlatko Efremov, Owner and Executive Manager, InTec System.

docuvita Partner Network was the prerequisite of our success in Germany and Switzerland. We expect our Partner Network to shape our success in Central Eastern Europe. The partner brings to the table a solid combination of skills in automating document processing and a comprehensive application portfolio. These characteristics make InTec System the ideal docuvita Partner. We are looking forward to integrating our applications to help customers in the Balkans to gain optimal control over their documents and information, and define user-configurable workflows”, said Helge Lenuweit, CEO of docuvita GbmH & Co. KG.

docuvita Partner Program allows companies to incorporate a unique solution complementary to their existing product portfolio for creating a paperless company. docuvita is a user-friendly solution, easy to use, affordable and profoundly versatile to any business, no matter the size. Its unique features range from document control and workflow automation to support compliance-related processes, such as ISO and Quality Control, Tax Regulation, preventive document manipulation, multi-level delete function and auditing.


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Zlatko Efremov, CEO, InTec System

Helge Lenuweit, CEO, docuvita GmbH & Co. KG

About docuvita GmbH & Co. KG
docuvita is a document management solution for creating a single repository to manage all the electronic files of the organization.  Collecting documents and data in one source is imperative for improving business performance. It has never been more important to harness the power of data to reduce costs, make smarter decisions and improve collaboration. In docuvita we have managed to reduce up to 60% the work time of employees connected with managing documents like Filing, Storing, Search, Versioning and automating paper driven processes.  It offers workflow automation completely customizable to your business, advanced search to give you quick access to documents, out of the box integration to all known enterprise solutions, and document governance which guarantees that your files are always safe and compliant. This is how you achieve optimal management of your electronic files anywhere and anytime.

A thousand of customers from Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Education and Healthcare Industry use docuvita document management system and they have realized the benefits of reducing document handling costs, boost productivity and reduce operational/regulatory compliance costs.  We rely on our partners to handhold our customers to customize docuvita to their specific needs so they can focus only to run their business.

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 About InTec System doo

InTec System provides latest IT equipment and solutions on the market of South East Europe. Activities extend from sale and maintenance of wide range of IT equipment, to implementation and support of complex IT solutions based on world leading technology. 

At InTec System we collaborate with our clients, bringing together business insight, significant experience and technology to provide a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Through our integrated approach to problem solving, solution design and execution we help turn our customer’s digital transformation strategies into action.
With over 15 years’ experience our mission is to help our customers to anticipate change and profit from new opportunities. The result of that experience and knowledge is a reputation for being trusted advisors, subject matter experts and suppliers in a wide range of business and information technology areas.


InTec System provide end to end Enterprise Content Management Solutions. From the preliminary planning stages all the way through to end user training, we seek to provide the knowledge and experience to ensure the success of our client projects. Our focus is on innovation and improving business processes by aligning people, processes and systems. Our business models are designed to suit customers unique requirements, utilizing world leading ECMS solutions together with InTec System’s products and services.


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